Test and consolidate food hygiene knowledge

High standards of hygiene are essential in any food business. The Food Hygiene Game is a fun and interactive tool which supports REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene training, and Level 2 Food Hygiene courses.

Officially endorsed by REHIS, it tests and strengthens knowledge delivered during formal and mandatory training. It can also be used for informal learning in the hospitality and catering industry, or in education settings.

Developed with eQUALITY Nutrition

The Food Hygiene Game was developed in partnership with Brenda Black RD, eQuality Nutrition – a Freelance Dietitian who works with commercial and community organisations to provide bespoke nutrition education services.

Brenda realised a game would help students/trainees consolidate the Food Hygiene course material, reduce barriers to learning in a more interactive way and improve the learning experience for all people who work in the food sector.

Brenda introduces the Food Hygiene Game to MasterChef: The Professionals winner & National Chef of Scotland, Gary Maclean

Make food hygiene training more memorable

Using a board game makes training accessible and enjoyable – questions are designed to encourage discussion, are easy to understand and use simple everyday language. During trials in Scotland, 70% of participants described the game as a very effective way to learn.”

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